Last-Mile Delivery Business Plan

II. Company Overview

2.1 Vision and Mission

To be indispensable to the customers and become the industry leader in service quality.

To empower customers by delivering their products on time and exceeding their expectations by providing cutting-edge solutions to their needs.

2.2 Founder Information

The business will be managed by [CEO name], a visionary leader and innovative philanthropist with substantial experience working with one of the leading global last-mile delivery service providers in America. His experience and expertise will help in building and growing [company name] to compete favorably with other leading companies in the global last-mile delivery services industry in America.  

2.3 Problem and Solutions

1. Lack of visibility –Visibility into the delivery processes is the most important prerequisite for ensuring customer loyalty. Buyers want complete knowledge of the location of their package and when it will reach them.

Solution–The Company will offer real-time information on a package’s location by offering tracking codes along with GPS features so that the customer can witness every step of the last-mile process.

2. High delivery costs – Last-mile delivery tends to get expensive for both customers and the business. For the latter, setting up an infrastructure that supports timely deliveries can be costly.

Solution –The Company will prepare the pricing strategy and work on delivering with higher efficiency and better route planning, which will lower the expenses.

3. Unpredictable elements – When a packaged good is in transit, unpredictable situations can disrupt last-mile delivery. Traffic, bad weather, or vehicle issues are among the elements that are out of control.

Solution –To address such issues, the company will have contingency plans while ensuring seamless communication among the teams and customers. The Company will have a plan of action at hand so that when encountering an adverse situation, they will be able to dispatch the required solution quickly.

2.4 Product and Services

[Company name] is in the global last-mile delivery services industry to make profits and will ensure that it goes all the way to position business favorably to compete for the available market in the industry.
The Company is going to do all that is permitted by the laws in America to achieve business goals. Here are some of the service offerings:

  • Providing express messenger and delivery services
  • Delivering parcels, documents, and packages
  • Packing and sorting operations
  • Transferring and trucking (without storage)
  • Delivering time-sensitive and high-value-to-weight products

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