Crypto Atm Business Plan

VI. Marketing Plan

6.1 Promotions Strategy

Marketing is crucial to ensure company success. The Company will develop effective and efficient marketing strategies to handle the competition and improve client relationships. The following marketing strategies will be adopted:

Website and Brand Identity
The Company will develop a modern and well-developed website to streamline the user experience and attract potential clients. The website will have clearly described prices, limited offers so that it does not confuse the clients, and an easy sign-up interface. The user experience will be energizing and functional, with an engaging design that will convert traffic and create the company’s brand.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a useful marketing tool that the company will use to drive more traffic to the website. The cost-effective marketing strategy will help increase awareness of the platform and its offerings.

Social Media Marketing
In terms of marketing techniques, social media is one of the most effective and convincing for raising brand awareness. The Company will use social media sites, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, to enhance visibility among the audience and build loyalty. The Company will utilize social media’s power by building a large network of followers and spreading awareness about cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate Marketing
The Company will initiate an affiliate program, under which the potential affiliates will be able to register by simply filling out a form available on the Internet. This will allow the company to reach out to a large audience of bloggers, influencers, and content creators, who opt to work as an affiliate for the company. The Company will also use an affiliate marketing solutions provider that will help it manage and automate almost all the tasks related to the affiliate program.

Public Relations
[Company Name] will recruit an experienced PR agency/professional(s) to develop an interesting PR campaign to improve its brand visibility among the target customers. It will look to publish stories about the company and its offerings in various media outlets like newspapers, podcasts, radio shows, etc.

Customer testimonials are the key content element. Using testimonials increases creditability as they are unbiased. This social proof helps the company build trust amongst its potential customers. The Company will be using customer testimonials to increase its leads.


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