Crypto Atm Business Plan

II. Company Overview

2.1 Vision and Mission

To develop the world’s most efficient, innovative, and substantial network of digital asset ATMs.

To provide a convenient and effective Crypto ATM service experience to the customer at affordable prices and make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

2.2 Founder Information

[Company Name] will be a family-owned business led by [Founder’s name]. [Founder’s name] is a skilled and experienced professional in the Crypto domain. He has over xx years of experience working as a CFO with one of the world’s leading Crypto trading companies. [Founder’s name] is a qualified CA and has an extreme passion for Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. After analyzing the growth opportunities in the digital currency field, he decided to start his own Crypto ATM company.  

2.3 Problem and Solutions

1. Complex Procedure of Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies –Buying and selling cryptocurrency is a complex procedure, as it involves a lot of steps like choosing a broker or crypto exchange, creating and verifying an account via submitting the documents and KYC validation, depositing cash to bank account, transferring money from a bank account to crypto exchange platforms. These steps consume a lot of time and effort, which is difficult to follow.

Solution–The Company will provide Crypto ATMs, which will allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly via their nearest located ATMs easily with cash, debit card, and credit cards. It also provides the facility of trading all digital assets.

2. Limited Payment Options for Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies – Although there are multiple platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets, there are still limited options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like debit cards and credit cards, which may not be suitable for every crypto owner.

Solution –The Company provides multiple cryptocurrency payment options like wire transfer, account transfer, cash payment, and other traditional payment options like credit card and debit card, which provides customers multiple choices for processing the payment.

2.4 Product and Services

The Company’s primary service will be offering a full-featured ATM, which will provide multiple payment options like cash payment, wire transfer, account transfer, credit card, and debit card. The Company will provide ATMs in 80 locations all across the US. It will provide the following value-added features to its customers-

  • Choosing the most popular digital currencies like stablecoins, gaming tokens, Defi coins, and more.
  • 24/7 customer support for technical guidance
  • Crypto-friendly digital wallet with QR code function
  • Cloud-based wallet app

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