Metaverse User Interface Business Plan

IV. Customer Analysis

4.1 Target Market

The Company will develop both standard and customized software for multiple businesses according to their needs and demands. The following are the company’s major target customers- 

  • GenZ : In the US, they have a spending power of $143 billion.Especially for Gen Z demographics, 87% of young users are currently engaging with metaverse platforms.
  • Startups : Despite being in its early stages, the concept of metaverse has piqued the curiosity of numerous entrepreneurs who are striving to gain a first-mover advantage. For example, the London startup fashion agency Dimension Studio saw its profits double in 2021 as a result of experimenting with new forms of UX marketing in the metaverse.
  • Global Tech Giants : As per the recent survey of March 2022, more than 17% of global IT enterprises have invested in the metaverse. Meanwhile, other industry sectors such as Education, Finance, Healthcare, and Marketing are rolling to work with metaverse between 9-12%.

4.2 TAM, SAM, and SOM

TAM $xx trillion
The global market for metaverse to reach a market size after 5 years.

SAM $xx billion
[Target Location Market]'s metaverse market size after 5 years.

SOM $xx billion
[Company Name] would be able to capture a respectable share of the serviceable available market by the end of the five years.  

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