Metaverse User Interface Business Plan

II. Company Overview

2.1 Vision and Mission

To provide a unique user journey by getting the right business strategy, from the first sketch to the fully-armed prototype.

To build the perfect app with a unique interface and to entice users and bring clients’ ideas to life.

2.2 Founder Information

[Company Name] will be led by [Founder's name], a visionary leader and an experienced software professional who has xx years of experience working as a chief technology officer. With a passion for metaverse and NFT, [Founder's name] seeks to disrupt decentralized virtual reality space through its technology-enabled software. Being the company's founder & CEO, he will significantly contribute to the company's success. 

2.3 Problem and Solutions

1.Inconsistent designs Many metaverse businesses do not have consistent designs on their websites, and sometimes the content uploaded on the meta websites is very confusing.

Solution–Standardized and unified visual elements will help the users navigate the platform easier. Because the metaverse may initially seem unfamiliar and even hostile to some users, the virtual world designed by the company will be easy to navigate, allowing users to choose one UI element at a time while using a consistent alignment for each group.

2.Not enough testing before launching the design –Prototypes of user interfaces are not tested, and these unchecked artistic effects and aesthetics might detract from the user experience and lead users to abandon the page altogether.

Solution –Designing a website can be a fun and creative process, but in order to avoid any interaction design errors, product designers must extensively test their graphical user interfaces. If designers don’t test prototypes and opt for shortcuts, creativity may interfere with the user experience. All the hindrances must be removed by the company’s process of prototype testing.

3.Confusing navigation –Confusing navigation is a website killer. Consumers don’t want to spend most of their time trying to figure out what page matches their needs and leave the website quickly if they decide it’s too confusing.

Solution –Metaverse is confusing on its own for the user to understand; therefore user interface must provide easy navigation for the user. The Company’s metaverse UI/UX design will provide good website navigation, which will enhance the user experience by providing a pleasing, user-friendly layout while improving usability, enabling users to gather the information they need as soon as possible.

2.4 Product and Services

The Company will provide the following design services to various metaverse startups, GenZ, and already-established global tech giants.
UI/UX Design Services:
The Company will offer the service of designing different UIs, including the graphical interface, buttons, colors, menus, sliders, and all other elements that contribute to the overall look of an online brand for metaverse companies. To develop visually appealing and stimulating digital places for the clients of various blockchain-based businesses, the company will provide various user interface designers. The business offers every service, from UI consultation through execution, under one roof. The following features in the UI designs will be provided by the company:

  1. Grid-Based Structure : Grids are necessary for responsive design and modern devices. With this, the company can implement UI elements that scale with ease.
  2. Navigation Structure : Links, buttons, and menus are the foundation of an app or software. Users will always be able to find what they need and never get lost.
  3. Colors & Emotions : People pick up on the subtle cues of colors. The Company will improve the UI to direct and motivate behavior by carefully implementing these hues and tones.
  4. Animations : Nowadays, there aren't many really static designs. One of the company’s design strategies for directing users to targeted elements will be animations.
  5. Illustrations: A picture says a thousand words. With an artist's touch, the company’s metaverse user interface will illustrate screens, please users, and create unforgettable experiences with a creative touch.
  6. Design Systems :By using a design system, the company will build assets once, and automation will then apply correctly to each app, website, or piece of software, thus saving time and maintaining consistency.
  7. Mobile Environment : In addition to a Design System, the company will also develop UI with mobile in mind, from touch-enabled interfaces to optimizing the information on a screen in a readable way.

The Company will offer the following UI design services:

  1. Wireframes: Wireframes will allow to exhibit concepts prior to development, enabling the company to quickly implement important UI adjustments.
  2. UI Key Visual: The Company will establish consistency across color schemes, buttons, and navigational cues by using a key visual to guide all subsequent UI design choices.
  3. Cross-platform UI: The Company will construct a unified, user-friendly UI on all necessary devices, including smartphones, PCs, and even IoT.

The Company will also create 3-D designs where the users will experience the internet through virtual reality (VR) headsets to navigate 3D spaces like shops and corporate offices. The UI designs created by the company will be easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive and will be in 360 and wholly immersive.

After completing the design process, the company will also have a separate in-house department for prototype testing, where the design will be tested, and improvements will be made if needed before handing over the design to the client.

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