NFT Tracking/Analytics Business Plan

I. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

In the rapidly changing world of NFTs, traders often turn to NFT analytics tools to gain insights, identify trends, and better understand the dynamics of NFT trading. NFTs are becoming the next generation of data transfer in economies driven by data exchange. As the field is still relatively new, security is increasingly important, and analytical studies using NFT market data provide preliminary statistics. Data analytics plays a vital role in the development and adoption of NFTs. By analyzing how users interact with NFTs, data analytics can enhance overall understanding and provide valuable insights. Additionally, tracking movements and monitoring for any fraudulent or criminal behavior is essential to ensure the safety of participants in the NFT ecosystem.

[Company Name] seeks to offer an NFT analytics/tracking platform that will serve as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses interested in understanding and participating in the growing NFT ecosystem. The main purpose of the company's NFT analytics/tracking platform is to gather, organize, and present data related to NFTs, allowing users to monitor the performance and trends in the NFT market. The platform will also provide a comprehensive transaction history for specific NFTs, including details like the date and time of purchase, the buyer and seller addresses, the price paid, and any subsequent transfers or resales. The platform will allow users to manage and track their own NFT collections and portfolios as well as generate reports that summarize key metrics, such as the most active NFT artists, the top-selling collections, the most popular categories, and more.

The Company, located at [insert location here], will provide a streamlined way to monitor and assess various aspects of the NFT market, including historical data, price trends, trading volumes, and other relevant metrics. By leveraging the company's NFT analytics/tracking platform, users can easily gain insights and make informed decisions about their chosen tokens based on their specific goals and objectives. 

1.2 Founder Information

[Company Name] is led by [Founder's Name] as the CEO. He has experience in handling strategy development and performance and monitoring of the NFT data. To identify opportunities and inform strategic decision-making, he has researched the NFT market landscape, including competitors, emerging trends, and industry benchmarks. He will develop a clear vision and strategic approach for the NFT analytics/tracking tool and define goals, target markets, and positioning within the NFT ecosystem.  

1.3 Target Customer – Distribution Channel

[Company Name] will offer its NFT tracking and analytics platform to individuals, collectors, investors, and enthusiasts who want to navigate the NFT market more effectively and make data-driven decisions based on reliable information.

1.4 Why Us

Market Insights– The platform will allow users to track and analyze trends and provide market insights, price fluctuations, and sales data, helping them decide what to buy, sell or invest in NFTs.

Portfolio Management – The platform will offer portfolio management features for individuals or organizations with a substantial collection of NFTs. The forum will enable the users to track the performance of their NFT holdings, gain a deeper understanding of their assets and monitor the value of their portfolio over a period of time.

Price Discovery – The platform will help users discover the fair value of an NFT by analyzing historical sales data, comparing similar artworks, and assessing market demand. This information benefits buyers and sellers who want to understand the market value of an NFT.

Rarity and Authenticity Verification – The Company's platform will help users verify the rarity and authenticity of an NFT. By examining blockchain data and metadata, these tools can provide insights into ownership history and other relevant information, which can be crucial when assessing the value and legitimacy of an NFT.

Market Transparency – The NFT market can be highly volatile and fragmented, making it challenging for individuals to gather accurate and up-to-date information. The Company's platform will contribute to market transparency by aggregating data from various sources, providing users with a centralized platform to access reliable market information.

1.5 Financial Highlights

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